What to do Halong bay: The 11 Greatest Things to Do

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Halong Bay, with its captivating landscape and myriad activities, is a wonderful destination. If you’re considering a trip to the area, let’s discover what to do Halong Bay with Paradise Vietnam.

you can discover a lot of things to do in Halong Bay

Take a cruise – Paradise Cruise

Paradise Vietnam Cruise, with nearly 16 years of experience operating cruises and hotels in Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay, is a highly recommended option. The cuisine on restaurants of Paradise Vietnam’s cruises is served according to a menu advised and trained by experienced chefs.

Unlike other boats that require a tender boat to transport passengers from the mainland to the cruise ship, Paradise Vietnam’s guests can board the cruise ships docked at the port directly to start their voyage.

Paradise Vietnam has different types of cruises to suit each traveler’s preferences such as: 

Paradise Peak, designed in a classic wooden boat style, offers a different high-class experience with every amenity personalized to the highest degree: in-room dining with an enticing menu and fine wine, a hot tub, personal butler service, and a full suite of spa services to provide maximum relaxation for guests.

Paradise Sails, with its wooden hull structure and boutique design, was the first to introduce floating entertainment, thus pioneering the luxury resort legend in Halong Bay of Paradise Vietnam.

Paradise Elegance, designed in a neo-classical style and with perfect amenities, the cruise is like a mobile international-class resort masterpiece on the sea, especially ideal for couples and young families.

Inheriting and improving the superior features of its “predecessor” Paradise Elegance, Paradise Grand – the “newcomer” in Paradise Vietnam’s luxury super cruise fleet, has become a new symbol of luxury tourism in Lan Ha Bay.

Experience the ultimate adventure with a Ha Long Bay cruise on board Paradise Vietnam. Book your cruise in Ha Long now and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the bay, luxurious amenities, and unparalleled hospitality.

Scuba diving experience

Scuba diving is a top-tier activity in Halong Bay, and the surrounding islands are the ideal locations for immersing oneself in the aquatic wonders.

The waters here offer outstanding clarity, allowing for diving excursions through picturesque underwater caverns and grottoes. 

Squid fish at night

For those who come alive when the sun goes down, night squid fishing is a popular pastime in Halong Bay. Upon registering for a fishing trip, you’ll be given a fishing rod and introduced to the large schools of squid that inhabit these waters at night.

Once you’ve made your catch, you can partake in a communal seafood barbecue. The crew will guide you through the process of grilling your freshly caught squid, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.

Visiting the Quang Ninh Museum

The Quang Ninh Museum is indeed an intriguing place for those interested in culture or seeking an indoor activity. Its unique coal-black exterior pays homage to the coal mining industry, a significant part of Quang Ninh province’s history. Spanning three floors, the museum exhibits a variety of displays: the ground floor is dedicated to the sea and nature, the second-floor houses artifacts and archaeological objects, and the third floor delves into the history of the coal mining industry. Open from 8 am to 5 pm from Tuesday to Sunday, it’s an affordable cultural experience with tickets priced at VND 40,000 for adults and VND 10,000 for children.

Travel to Lan Ha Bay

Located to the south of Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay is a serene, untouched gem compared to its famous neighbor. With over 400 islets and outcrops scattered across the sea, it offers a bounty of activities. From photographing the dramatic karst landscapes, exploring caves like the beautiful Trung Trang Cave, discovering pristine beaches; and enjoying tranquil, almost private, sea kayaking trips around the islands, there’s much to explore.

Experience something interesting at Sun World Halong Park

Sun World Halong Park is indeed a world-class amusement complex in northern Vietnam, promising entertainment for every visitor regardless of age or preference. 

Centrally located and just a short walk from the Bai Chay area, the park encompasses three major areas: Queen Cable Car & Mystic Mountain, Dragon Park, and Typhoon Water Park. From water-based activities to thrilling games with varying difficulty levels, and extreme experiences such as Mystery Journey, Cyclone Dance, or Reptile Army, Sun World Halong Park offers a diverse range of attractions. Ticket prices range from VND 550,000 to VND 750,000 for a full combo per adult or child above 1.3m, and children below 1.3m, respectively.

Take a kayaking trip 

Kayaking is an essential activity for visitors to Halong Bay. It offers an up-close and relaxed way to admire the beauty of the bay. You and your partner can independently paddle around popular kayaking spots such as Luon Cave, Vung Vieng fishing village, Tung Sau pearl farm, Cong Do Island, Ba Trai Dao area, Ao Ech area, and more. Most day and overnight cruises include this activity in their itinerary. Alternatively, you can sit back on a bamboo boat rowed by a local and soak in the bay’s stunning views. 

Kayaking is a quintessential activity

Explore the stunning caves

Cave exploration is another must-do activity in Halong Bay. The unique geological and archaeological wonders of Halong Bay’s cave system, which dates back thousands of years, make it a signature experience for first-time visitors. These caves and grottoes feature intricate stalactites and stalagmites and winding mysterious chambers. Some notable caves include Surprise Cave, Thien Cung Cave, and Luon Cave in Halong Bay, Dark and Bright Cave in Lan Ha Bay, and Thien Canh Son Cave in Bai Tu Long Bay. 

Shopping at Cat Ba Island market

Taking a leisure stroll around the Cat Ba island market is indeed one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere. This bustling complex houses over 300 stalls, offering a wide range of products, from clothes and souvenirs to an array of local dishes. Sampling local delicacies is a highlight of the market experience. Don’t miss out on trying the grilled chopped squid, horseshoe crab, and nodding cake.

Sample local seafood and specialties

Halong Bay is renowned as a prime spot for fresh seafood and a variety of special local cuisine. The area is especially famous for “cha muc” (grilled chopped seafood), “sam” (horseshoe crab), oyster, and “ngan” (austriella corrugata). You’ll also get the chance to try unique dishes like nodding cake, “sa sung” (sipunculus nudus), or the delightful Halong yogurt. Be sure to treat yourself to these culinary delights during your visit.

Discover the beauty of Ha Long from a seaplane

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, consider taking to the skies with a seaplane. This transportation offers a unique opportunity to view Halong Bay from above with seaplane tours. Although this activity is on the pricier side, it provides an unrivaled perspective, especially on clear, sunny days. Each flight lasts 25 minutes and flies at a low altitude of 300 to 150 meters above the bay, making for fantastic photo opportunities. Flights are scheduled throughout the day, and bookings can be made through travel agents.

Taking to the skies with a seaplane

Embark on an unforgettable journey with a Halong Bay 3 day cruise on Paradise Vietnam. Book now to indulge in breathtaking scenery, exceptional service, and unforgettable experiences aboard our luxurious cruise ship.

Therefore, Paradise Vietnam has gathered a list of what to do Halong Bay. It is our hope that you will find pleasure in these suggested activities and decide on the ones you’d like to experience during your visit to this extraordinary location. Should you require further assistance in arranging a cruise to partake in these enthralling activities, please feel free to reach out to us at your earliest convenience for personalized guidance and support.

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