How to See Subscribers and Unsubscribes in Telegram

To see the subscribers and unsubscribes in a Telegram channel, just go to the channel or group settings, or use third-party tools.

How to see subscribers on your Telegram channel and how to recruit members

There are channels with a large number of participants in the Telegram messenger. The total number of people in the subscription is displayed to everyone, but their nicknames and contacts are hidden. Is there a method to view the number of subscribers in Telegram in the mobile version and on your computer? There is a method, it is available to owners through any platform and will help to see a complete list of each person with the nickname and the ability to write in private messages.

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How to see the participants of the channel in Telegram

To see the full list of all participants in Telegram, you need to open the detailed information about the channel and click on the participants icon. Then, the entire list will appear. Here is how this is done on different platforms.

On a smartphone

On Android or iOS smartphones, there is a messenger app, in which readers become visible as follows:

  • Tap on the name to open the menu.
  • Click on “Subscribers” in the “Members” sub-item, next to the total number of viewers.

On your computer

Through the PC application, watch as follows:

  • Click on the three dots at the top right.
  • Select the “Channel Description” menu.
  • Next “Participants” with the text about the total number of people.

Here you can see each user’s nickname, see his avatar, and if you click on a contact, you can see the phone number, when he was online, block, add to contacts or create a joint dialogue (only if the owner has allowed it in the privacy settings).

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How do I get subscribers Telegram

To the right of the button with subscribers there is an invitation icon. You can use it to send invitations to join to your contacts. This is the first strategy to entice an audience.

Next, you should use free content distribution services. For example, @tgcat publishes new sites for free and promotes them that way. There are plenty of such directory channels, and you can find them on the Web for the relevant queries.

Mutual promotion is also an important part. It is necessary to find other channels which are similar to you by subject and offer them mutual advertisement of each other. It is important to understand that only channels similar in audience size to yours are ready to PR.

Advertising: the main approach to promoting your resource is to pay for PR. You can buy it both from other authors and on third-party sites with publics on similar topics (Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte, and so on).

Subscriptions and unsubscriptions in Telegram: what do I need to know

The most popular social networks in Runet are Instagram and VKontakte. Of messengers it is Whatsapp and, noticeably less often, Viber. But there is one exception – Telegram. It combines the features of a social network and an application just for communication. The functionality of this service goes beyond what we are used to, so it is worth highlighting. In this article, we will talk about how to subscribe to a person in Telegram.

How is the subscription feature implemented in Telegram

In Instagram you can subscribe to users’ pages. Thus, you can see the content of a person. This is possible because the profiles of these social networks have sections available to any visitor. Telega, on the other hand, is more like classic messengers in this respect – there is no wall, albums of photos, or audio recordings. But as I said before, this service is different from its counterparts. Namely, the presence of community analogues of the more classic social networks. These, of course, are channels. And these are the ones where you can subscribe, unsubscribe, or get banned without any problems. This is the only section of the app where the subscription function is more or less implemented. There are also groups, but these are the conversations we are used to, so you don’t so much become a subscriber and watch content as you find like-minded people and communicate with them.

See also about ways to subscribe to a private Telegram channel in our article.

How to subscribe and unsubscribe from a person on Telegram

Now to the practice. By “person” I mean a channel, because otherwise this article wouldn’t exist at all. Therefore, I will take the liberty of interpreting the name. There are two ways you can go.

Use the search bar to find the desired publique. Here it’s simple, you type in the name and open it. Then, click on the “Subscribe” button.

Channel administrators can distribute links to it on other sites and social networks. Redirection is made through the site and by clicking on the URL, you’ll automatically open an application or desktop version of Telega. Here you’ll automatically be shown a box asking if you want to become a subscriber of that community.

How do I find out who has unsubscribed from Telegram and other statistics

How do I know who has unsubscribed from Telegram? Actually, there is no way. Even as an administrator, you only have access to the last 200 subscribers. Accordingly, even if you somehow compile a database, you still will not be able to compare it. I found one way on the internet, it seems to show your entire audience (or about 90 percent) via Telegram API and special bots. If it ever worked, it’s not true now – even through these bots you can see no more than 200 people.

Yes, the specific nicknames of the “unsubscribers” are not available to you. Nevertheless, we do have some tools for Telegram channel statistics. And they will allow you to draw at least a rough picture of the effectiveness of promotion.


I will not assume responsibility and call this site the best of such tools, but it is very good. There are indicators of engagement, post views, audience growth over time. Also, the service is combined with an advertising exchange, so that you can also find advertisers or advertising space for promotion.


A serious competitor to our first point. Also provides a complete picture of your channel’s reach and engagement. But there is paid functionality, which can be discouraging.

@ChannelAnalyticsBot. This bot will do for quick analytics. The metrics are too sparse to use on a regular basis.


How do you subscribe to a person on Telegram? In the literal sense of the question, there is no way. Subscribing in this messenger is only possible for a channel. But it is much more useful, in my opinion – for me personally, for example, community publications are much more interesting than users’ photos.