Emm Negative Rare Blood Group Found In Rajkot Man 11th Such Case Worldwide

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In a rare medical discovery, doctors in Rajkot, Gujarat, India have identified a man with an extremely rare blood group known as Emm negative. The man, identified as 33-year-old Dhruv Patel, is only the 11th person in the world to be diagnosed with this unique blood type.

Emm negative blood is an incredibly rare blood group, with only a handful of known cases worldwide. It is so rare that it does not even appear on the standard blood typing chart, which categorizes blood types based on the presence or absence of certain antigens on the surface of red blood cells.

According to Dr. Anand Desai, who led the team of doctors that made the discovery, Emm-negative blood is incredibly rare and challenging to diagnose. “It is a rare and unique blood group that is not easily identifiable,” he said. “We had to conduct several tests and analyze multiple samples to confirm the diagnosis.”

Dr. Desai and his team of doctors stumbled upon Patel’s rare blood group while conducting routine blood tests ahead of a minor surgery. They noticed that his blood was not reacting to some of the standard blood tests and decided to conduct further tests to determine his blood group. After several rounds of testing, they were able to confirm that Patel had Emm-negative blood.

The discovery has caused great excitement in the medical community, with many experts praising the doctors for their work. Dr. Anand Desai believes that the discovery could have important implications for medical research and the development of new treatments for blood-related disorders.

“Emm-negative blood is incredibly rare, and there is very little information available about it,” he said. “This discovery could open up new avenues of research and help us develop new treatments for blood disorders that were previously thought to be incurable.”

Patel, who works as a software engineer, said that he was shocked to learn about his rare blood type. “I had no idea that my blood was so unique,” he said. “It was a real shock to hear that I am only the 11th person in the world with this blood type.”

Despite the rarity of his blood type, Patel said that he did not feel any different from other people. “As far as I know, I am just a regular guy,” he said. “But it is interesting to think about what this discovery could mean for medical research and the development of new treatments.”

The discovery of Emm-negative blood is just the latest in a series of medical breakthroughs in India. Over the past few years, Indian doctors have made significant strides in the field of medical research, developing new treatments and therapies for a range of illnesses and conditions.

Experts say that these breakthroughs are a testament to India’s growing stature as a global center for medical research and innovation. “India has some of the best doctors and medical researchers in the world,” said Dr. Anand Desai. “The discovery of Emm-negative blood is just one example of the incredible work being done in this country.”

The discovery of Emm-negative blood is expected to generate significant interest in the medical community, with many experts calling for further research into this unique blood group. While there is still much to learn about Emm-negative blood, its discovery could have far-reaching implications for the treatment of blood-related disorders and the development of new therapies.

For Patel, the discovery of his rare blood type has been a fascinating and exciting experience. “It is amazing to think that my blood could help researchers develop new treatments for people with blood disorders,” he said. “I am proud to be a part of this discovery, and I hope that it leads to new breakthroughs in the field of medicine.”


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