Counter-Strike Global Offensive Account Hacking – How to Prevent and Recover

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an extremely competitive video game in which cheating is taken very seriously by Valve, with regular bans issued against any players caught engaging in such practices to maintain player integrity and protect its player base.

An exploit that allows hackers to capture passwords has recently surfaced and appears to affect all Source Engine games. Valve was informed about it two years ago but no acknowledgement or solution were forthcoming from their end.

Change Your Password

Hackers will always exist in CSGO, even if they’re soon banned within matches. Hackers make money selling injectors and hacks that circumvent anti-cheat systems in games like CSGO. White hat hackers (ethical ones) earn their living by reporting exploits for repair by Valve, while black hat hackers sell hacks that allow them to gain items, accounts or even money by circumventing anti-cheat systems in this way. You can buy csgo accounts from iGVault.

If you suspect your account has been compromised, the first thing to do is change your password immediately and enable two-factor authentication (2FA will still make it easy for hackers to gain entry and steal items). Also be mindful of any logins on devices you don’t recognize – any that come up should be forced out with screenshots taken as proof.

Change Your Email Address

If your email address was altered by hackers, take immediate steps to change it immediately. You can do so in the ACCOUNT INFO section of your account portal; alternatively you can click CONTACT US to submit a ticket with Epic Games’ Player Support team.

Remember, however, that even when hacks do work (and they often do), VAC will detect and ban them within several matches. Hacks are created and sold by independent developers who compete to develop hacks which overcome anti-cheat software faster.

As such, they can quickly be replaced with others that work better without detection, making strong passwords — such as those made up of letters and numbers — an absolute must. Furthermore, it would be unwise to use your date of birth or name as passwords; always opt for something more obscure.

Change Your Game Settings

As any CSGO player can attest, this game offers a vast array of customizable settings and tweaks. Adjusting them can be done easily through opening the console and typing commands; however, doing this every time may become tedious over time. Luckily, you can create an autoexec file which saves your configuration for next time you play!

Hacking in CSGO has long been an issue since its conception and remains so today. From free CSGO cheats and premium hacks promising undetected and “guaranteed no VAC” functionality to more dangerous options with high risks of viruses or game bans, hackers provide many options for those hoping to get ahead in CSGO.

Change Your Mobile Authenticator

Once hacked, one of the first things you should do after is changing your mobile authenticator to prevent hackers from accessing your account even if they know your password. This will protect against the possibility that they could gain entry even with this information.

If you use a password manager app, you can move your Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator from one device to another without deleting the old one. The app will generate new codes which you can then use to restore your account.

There are countless players cheating in CSGO for various reasons – some for financial gain while others because they lack the skill needed to compete without assistance. Cheating can be tempting when there is the potential risk of getting banned quickly; white hat hackers make their living by finding vulnerabilities and alerting Valve of them.

Change Your Security Settings

CSGO hacks have become an increasingly common sight in competitive ranked play, tempting some players to cheat the classic first-person shooter from Valve’s arsenal of first-person shooters, such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). Unfortunately, however, these risks far outweigh the rewards from downloading an unregulated free CSGO hack promising to raise your skill ceiling.

As soon as you suspect your account has been breached, quickly review your security settings. If there are unauthorized logins or devices accessing it, change your password immediately and force a sign out from all devices connected with it.

Update your operating system regularly to reduce malware vulnerabilities, alert friends and family of possible compromised accounts so they can double-check suspicious messages or links that could potentially infiltrate their devices with malware, and report any confirmed instances on Steam.